Don’t Savage the Foothills

Government is placing a strong focus on creating the necessary conditions for the growth of export coal production.  May 15th, 2020 Alberta Energy The United Conservative Party’s (UCP) economic vision is largely predicated on resource extraction And that myopia in the vision led them to stumble into a public quagmire by quietly removing long standing […]

Bedroom Slippers

A couple of weeks ago the Alberta Finance Minister bought new cowboy boots to keep up the tradition of new shoes on budget day.  But he could have purchased bedroom slippers for the occasion!  The budget puts much of government on a holding pattern for the year. Except for aggressive reductions to post-secondary education and a push […]

Alberta Budget 2021: Looking for signals

While the public sector plays a key role in delivering public services, it does not create jobs or generate wealth.  Travis Toews, articulating the UCP mindset In February 2020, the Government of Alberta’s strategic plan had 3 main priorities.  The plan said it would: Create jobs and prosperity through low taxes and reducing regulation. Make life […]

Strip Mining the Eastern Slopes

…more scars upon the land.  John Denver Rocky Mountain High NOTE THE ALBERTA GOVERNMENT RESTORED THE COAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY MONDAY FEBRUARY 8TH 2021 The UCP government is encouraging coal strip mining on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.  They found willing partners in Australian mining companies.  These companies acquired leases in the eastern slopes of the Rockies […]

Ten Pounds of Poop

New Year’s Day 2021 was a tough day for Premier Kenney.  Over the Christmas break a number of his Cabinet, MLAs and political staff, used the time off to jet off for warm holidays.  All the while Government instituted a significant lockdown of businesses and public and family gatherings due to the pandemic.   As news of these […]

Child’s Play

If I could make only one wish for a child, I’d wish him the quality of lovingness – Dr. Benjamin Spock As 2020 draws to a close, most of our attention has been on the pandemic.  But it is hard to overlook the childish behaviour of Alberta’s provincial politicians.   There are sharp ideological divides between the […]