Same old, same old – Updates on previous posts

It don’t matter where you’ve been, the people try to do you in  -The Black Keys Beer Battles – Finance Minister Ceci decided to appeal the Agreement on Internal Trade ruling that the subsidy to Alberta’s small breweries violated the agreement. In his press release, he found time to take a swipe at the opposition […]

Eclipsed by The Donald

  Apparently in the a liberal democracy you can be mean to the most powerful man on the planet – 140 characters at a time. So here is what some otherwise loyal Americans had to say on Twitter: AIDE: You need to wear eclipse glasses. TRUMP: Did Obama wear them? AIDE: Yes – it’s a […]

NAFTA – This could get Ugly

“Just like a Canadian to bring a knife to a gun fight”  – with apologies to Malone (Sean Connery) in the Untouchables film   This week the three partners of NAFTA held their first meeting to negotiate revisions to the agreement. The US has led with a salvo of 17 pages of requirements. Some were […]