Bumping along the bottom – Alberta trying to escape the recession

Economists have described this recession as the worst in decades.  The TD Bank says; “the stretch from 1982-86 is still likely to be regarded as the most challenging period in the post-war period in Alberta,”   Don’t know if that cheers you up a bit…… Statistics Canada and other data paint a numeric picture of […]

Piping Hot

The struggle to get Alberta oil to market isn’t getting any easier –  lots of steam not as much progress While Severely Normal Albertans breath a sigh of relief that Line 3 from Hardisty to Superior Wisconsin was approved by the federal cabinet there is a decision from Minnesota still pending. About 600 kms of […]

First World Trees and Balloons

We have discovered there are First World differences on the other side of the Rockies… A company in Edmonton is making a tank top designed specifically to wear at Edmonton’s Accidental Beach. (The beach that magically appeared behind a berm needed for building a new bridge!) The company say that wearing the tank top appropriately […]

Update on Previous Posts

HERE ARE SOME UPDATES ON PREVIOUS POSTS. CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST United Conservative Party – the art of welding United Conservative Party (UC) members will elect the new leader on-line or via phone in three days of voting October 26 – 28, 2017 Four Candidates have emerged; Jason Kenney former […]