Pot Holes – Canada and Cannabis

“We don’t smoke marijuana in Busby”    –   with apologies to Merle Haggard  But soon we will … because Parliament has passed legislation to legalize recreational use of marijuana. It’s on its way to the Senate, where it may get a long, hard second look. The big question is the readiness of law enforcement […]

Grinding Gears – Wiggling out of recession

We are all grinding gears – don’t know which way is up Lyrics by Strung Up Alberta’s economy has suffered a tough recession for two years, we are still a marvellous and pretty wealthy place to live. Despite the downturn, Alberta has the highest GDP per capita in Canada (well, except for the territories). Alberta […]

The Naming Game

The First World is having a rough time with names this week Lorne Grabher had his Nova Scotia licence plate revoked. Someone complained that his personalized plate with his last name was offensive. He owned the plate for 27 years. But he must have been spotted by someone who was hyper-sensitive. Anyway, now Lorne is […]

Debt debate of 2019

A skirmish broke out at Public Accounts Committee on Halloween. No, it wasn’t about costumes or who stole the candy. This time the backbenchers got in on the fun. Severely Normal Albertans should see this as a beta test for the 2019 election platforms.  We will hear a rising crescendo of this over the next […]

Updates from Previous Posts

Not much good news in the updates of previous posts. So, if you’re having a good day that you don’t want spoiled ….. switch to a website with fuzzy kittens instead Line 3 Pipeline Alberta to Superior Wisconsin While approvals in Canada are in place and Premier Notley helped kick off construction last month … all […]

2019 Election Jousts

Now that all the contenders in the quest for the Holy Grail  of Premiership of Alberta are known …. Let the jousts begin! Here is a quiz.  Can you guess which persona each candidate will adopt? Rachel Notley – Will she be: Maid Marian – Robin Hood’s love interest giving to the poor – (without […]