10 Severely Normal Highlights from 2017

Looking back at the Severely Normal posts of 2017, a few blindingly obvious highlights stand out! The Good Alberta is slowly emerging from the difficult recession. The economy shrank by 6% in two years. There are some short-term reversals, but overall, the trends toward an improved economy are evident. We should remember too that we have been […]

Down on the Farm

The farmer in the delL, Hi-ho, the derry-o – Children’s nursery rhyme As Alberta becomes more urban and hipster like, we sometimes forget about where we are getting our daily bread, bacon, eggs and beef.  Here is a quick roundup on what going on down on the 40,000 farms in Alberta. Primary Production Alberta grain […]

Updated Weather forecast for Pipes

Pipelines Line 9 to Wisconsin – The Minnesota regulators sent its government officials back for more environmental study on the stretch of the Enbridge pipeline that crosses northern Minnesota. The regulator will decide in April if it approves the small piece of line that runs through that state. In the past couple of months there […]

That economic Growth Thingy

If all the economists were laid end to end they would never reach a conclusion – George Bernard Shaw One of the main tools economists use to forecast economic growth is to estimate gross domestic product (GDP) for a country or province for a few years ahead. Since 2000 Canada has been growing about 2.4% […]