Low Oil Pressure – High Blood Pressure

The definition of a perfect mess is when everyone is suitably unhappy. Well, we have made it! Canadians’ discussions about oil have achieved that equilibrium! A new set of National Energy Board hearings got underway in Burnaby to select the route of the Kinder Morgan pipeline through that City.  The 35 km segment of the […]

In the First World – the Struggles are Real

The Swiss government, having run out of things to regulate, turned to that big issue of boiling live lobsters. The government wants you to stun them first before you cook them. A married couple on a TV reality show made a joyous announcement of the impending birth of baby number 5. This causes uproar on […]

Power to the People

Alberta’s electricity system is unique in Canada. Government doesn’t own it and it is a competitive market. The Alberta government is working hard to shake up the status quo in the market place. In its Climate Leadership Plan, the Government pulled the plug on coal fired electricity generation by the year 2030.   But this post […]