Alberta 2017 – not quite the year we hoped for

Alberta’s exit from the recession has been slow and lumpy.  A bit of movement forward and then a slide backward now and then.  The return to growth has not been led by strong resource sector growth. Low oil prices overall, particularly low bitumen prices along with weak natural gas prices, has made wages, jobs and […]

More Stampede Rassling

The Stampede Wresting match that is the battle of TransMountain pipeline played out to its provincial audiences this week.  Premier Horgan took his brass knuckles out of his trunks and Premier Notley hit him over the head with a chair.  All the while, the federal ref didn’t see a thing.  Stu Hart would have been […]

Now the gloves are off – TransMountain Pipeline

BC’s Premier Horgan lit the fuse for a battle with Alberta when he announced a plan to “restrict diluted bitumen transportation by rail or pipeline until we can be certain that there is an ability to adequately mitigate the spills”.  He got more than he bargained for.  Alberta quickly escalated the fight and retaliated – […]

Pipeline Politics – Stampede Wrestling

“A ring-a-ding-dong dandy” as Ed Whalen would say just about every week from 1958 to 1999! The BC – Canada – Alberta TransMountain Pipeline fracas has caused a massive outcry in Western Canada.  The BC government is toying with the idea of further studies the potential environmental damage that could result from an bitumen spill […]

Re-Kleined – United Conservative Policy

Alberta’s United Conservative Party released its first policy document after the merger of Alberta’s two right wing parties. It reads very much like a re-run of the 1993  Klein Revolution / Miracle on the Prairies. The policy paper is open for discussion and online comments by party members, until February 16th. Regional conferences, followed by […]