TransMountain Wrestling Part 3 and the Domino Pizza Caper

The Spring session opening of the Alberta legislature brought a new round in the wrestling match but British Columbia is where most the action is. Here are vignettes from the front: Protest City On March 8th the BC Supreme Court granted an injunction to TransMountain but allowed the protestors considerable latitude to peacefully protest On […]

Up the Irish

Every year much of the world stops, dresses up in green, starts drinking beer and pretends they know how to step dance.  Yeah that’s right it is St Patrick’s day. The Irish are well known across the globe for many things.  Guinness beer, shamrocks, and an unwillingness to forgive the English for a couple or […]

Energy Myopia

In the middle of this constitutional and pipeline wrestling match between BC and Alberta, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture.  While Western Canadians focus on questions about safety of whale pods, how long diluted bitumen floats and when is there enough indigenous consultation – the larger global issues go unnoticed. Beyond […]

Game of Thrones Speech

Government’s Speech from the Throne begins each new session of Alberta Legislature.  It is an outline of government’s plans and major initiatives for the next year or so.  There’s also room in the speech for some tub thumping and back patting. The March 8th speech stuck to the formula.  But as we head towards an […]

Third down – Alberta Quarterly Budget Update

The Provincial government’s third quarter results were released on February 28th.   Our improving economy generated more revenue. But optimism that our government would learn how to contain costs was misplaced. Yes, revenue is up by $2.0 billion (hurrah!) but so are expenses by $1.0 billion. (Damn!) On the revenue side we brought in $46.9 […]