Health Care Quality Election Issue

For most of us, measuring health care quality is a subjective experience.  When a brush with serious illness or an emergency happens, we are very thankful for a responsive system that saves lives or resolves serious problems.  And if we are treated poorly or have a frustrating experience  – well – we can be very […]

Apparently the First World has Picky Eaters

With a temporary lull in the battle between BC and the rest of Canada (except Quebec, of course). Severely Normal Albertans can turn their attention to food problems in the First World. It turns out that the Domino Pizza delivery “Live Pizza Tracker” doesn’t actually have GPS tracking so you can’t follow your pizza, turn by […]

Trudeau’s Grand Bargain/Gamble

When the Liberals came to power in the fall of 2015, they promised Canadians a different style and tone of government (Real Change). They proposed a major direction shift dealing with indigenous peoples, climate change and co-operation with provinces. Elements of these three policies came together to form what you might call “Trudeau’s Grand Bargain/Gamble”. It all […]

Texas Hold’em Trans Mountain Pipeline

Earlier posts on this blog referred to the TransMountain pipeline conflict as Stampede Wrestling. The politicians in the ring used a few rassling moves on each other that got cheers and jeers from their fans and bystanders. But Kinder Morgan changed the game to Texas Hold’em.  Announcing a suspension of work and a deadline for Canada […]

Alberta’s Debt “Built to Last” – Part 3 Health Care

Budget 2018 begins the election cycle.  The NDP’s policy choices will form a large part of the debate this year. About 40% of the budget is dedicated to health care. In the election campaign, the political parties will position themselves along two dimensions, cost management and the quality/ availability of health services. An earlier post […]