Calgary is choked – How is your Gag Reflex?

The Pharyngeal Reflex is an unpleasant, involuntary contraction of the back of the throat This week the Prime Minister showed up in Calgary in an effort to promote his deficit budgeting. But he arrived at a time when Canadian heavy oil prices had fallen through the floor.  He was met with protesters and groups of highly skeptical […]

Economists are such Killjoys

“Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists” – John Kenneth Galbraith, Economist As long as Severely Normal Albertans can remember, economists have scolded us about Alberta’s bad budgeting habits.  Back in the day, most of the scolding was because our reliance on energy revenue was risky – revenue fluctuates, and public […]

A First World’s Dog’s Life

The recent vexing issues that beset the province sometimes seem intractable. The restrictions and attacks on Alberta’s resource economy and the continuing worries about provincial debt are depressing. As are the troubles we have trying to get energy, wood, beef and grain to markets. It is all enough to make severely normal Albertans a bit […]