Coal for Alberta’s Christmas Stocking

  Twitter and trucker convoys sprang into action as one affront after another filled up Alberta’s Christmas stocking this December. In advance of the First Minister’s meeting, the Prime Minister mused on CBC maybe he would consider extending unemployment insurance benefits to Albertans who have run out of pogie.  He might help out with buying railcars, […]

Global Warming and Sweating Canada’s Challenge

Severely Normal Albertans are hearing a lot about climate change these days. The debate  ranges from “We are all gonna die” to “Don’t worry it’s a hoax”.  And we have managed to distract ourselves from the larger problem by fussing about whether carbon taxes are an effective implementation measure or just a sneaky tax grab. […]

Premier Notley The Bitumen Bubble 2.0

Spoiler Alert! This is a severely normal guess at what Premier Notley’s upcoming speech will say Later today (December 2nd, 2018) Premier Notley will address Albertans to discuss the falling oil prices and her plan of action. Here is a handy checklist so you can follow along Differentials are Bad! The differential is back – oil […]