2019 Election Jousts

Now that all the contenders in the quest for the Holy Grail  of Premiership of Alberta are known …. Let the jousts begin!

Here is a quiz.  Can you guess which persona each candidate will adopt?

Rachel Notley – Will she be:

  • Maid Marian – Robin Hood’s love interest giving to the poor – (without really mentioning where she got the money).


  • Joan of Arc – Heroine leading a band of rebels against the status quo…. (hoping for a better fate than how Joan’s story ended….)

Jason Kenney – Could he be?

  • King Arthur returning from the federal wars to save his kingdom from King John (Uh..that would be Queen Rachel actually)


  • Sir Galahad ready to defend the realm against unwelcome incursions from Trudeau the Younger (by pulling a legendary sword from the stone of federal equalization payments)

Greg Clark – Perhaps?

  • St Patrick – travelling throughout the land, preaching moderation and chasing off the snakes of deficit spending


  • Rob Roy – raiding and plundering the votes of the powerful – but being very kind to his people

David Khan – Hoping to emulate:

  • Peter the Hermit riding his donkey throughout the land inspiring people on a great crusade to reclaim the province for the Liberals


  • Merlin – whipping up some potions that will remove the bitter taste from many Albertan’s mouths about voting Liberal.