Politics in the Dark

One of the threats to democracy is so called “dark money” in politics. Dark money comes from individuals or groups that don’t disclose their donations. It pays for ads and other efforts to influence elections, but voters often don’t know who is behind those efforts. Money is given with the expectation of some benefit to the […]

Caution – Gnomes at Work

So deep in the Ottawa bureaucracy are 34 economists who work for the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO). These elves churn out reports for members of Parliament and the public so we can better understand public finances without the government spin.   They re-examine government programs plans mostly looking into the future. What have they been studying […]

Winter of Their Discontent

While Albertans were grabbing the keys to the truck and hitting the convoy road. The folks in British Columbia were in protest mode too. The pipeline slated to serve a $40 billion natural gas liquefaction plant on the coast that will link Dawson Creek to Kitimat, was stalled.   Remember back in October, Prime Minister Trudeau […]