A War without Winners

The Alberta government has set aside $30 million to fund a “war room” to fight real and perceived distortions of facts about Alberta oilsands.  And they also plan to investigate sources of financing of various NGOs that opposed ‘Tarsands’ and pipelines.   For a decade or so, to fight climate change, US and Canadian NGOs worked to […]

Right U-turns and Filibusters

The Alberta Legislature finished its first session with the United Conservative Party (UCP) at the helm.  The UCP dubbed the session the “summer of repeal” as they began to replace some of the previous government’s left leaning legislation with some right-leaning legislation more to their liking.  In the interests of decorum, they banned ‘desk thumping’ but […]

The Carbon Battle of ‘19

As Canadians fire up their barbeques and head to the beach, the political parties are planning campaign strategies for the October 21stelection, just a mere 100+ days away. A CBC poll of 4,500 Canadians found they were worried about the cost of living and deeply mistrusted politicians.  But right behind these two main findings was a concern […]