Dear Rest of Canada

Hi Rest of Canada, just thought I would drop you a quick note.  I guess you were taken by surprise that the Prairies are so upset with the Liberal Party during the recent election.  We voters are all lamenting the campaign focused on ugly and mostly irrelevant personal attacks on the leaders.  It was unfortunate that the […]

A plague o’ both your houses!

from Romeo and Juliet W. Shakespeare 1592 The federal election is being waged largely based on issues of leadership.  And certainly, the policy distinctions between the two leading parties are not dramatic, except for variations related to managing climate change and domestic energy production. The Liberals are mostly center left; believing programs and government intervention will […]

Fear and Loathing – the Canadian Election of 2019

As election day nears the mudslinging, virtue signalling, and red-herring production continues unabated.  The main issues of climate, debt levels, housing and food costs, pipelines, and regional alienation are submerged as the parties attempt to gain votes by offering up shiny baubles and by bashing the leaders of other parties. The Liberals don’t want to run […]

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The deepening worries about climate change will be an important theme in the upcoming federal election.  Each of the parties have staked out their positions and market them to the public; often distorting their opponents’ plans.  One the one hand the Liberal and Conservative plans don’t seem to meet Canada’s international commitments for GHG reductions. And the […]