Resetting the Alberta Economy

The Alberta economy is in bad shape. Wave after wave of bad news has put the province in very deep trouble. The recession of 2015-16 dealt a serious blow to the economy and government’s fiscal situation. The recovery has been slow and tenuous. The federal government’s four-year assault on the energy industry in the name […]

Alberta’s Right-turn Signal is Blinking

Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP) swept into power in April 2019.  Alberta has 3 million voters. 1 million voted for the UCP, about 55% of all voters.  That resulted in 63 seats for the UCP and 24 for the New Democrats.   With a strong majority, the UCP set out to implement its campaign promises.   A combative stance […]

Canada’s Brat or Economic Engine

It is about 150 days since the federal election that demonstrated that Western Canada’s resource sectors mattered far less than climate change and mudslinging politics. Immediately after the election, frustration and resentment in Saskatchewan and Alberta boiled over and fresh calls for ‘fair treatment’…. or else…. ‘Wexit’! (western separatism) might become much more fashionable. Alberta’s […]