The Carbon ‘Sin Tax’

Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet–nobody taxes the sun yet.” Bonnie Raitt The conventional wisdom about so-called ‘sin taxes’ is that governments increase them to collect cash and discourage ‘sinning’, for example, alcohol and cigarettes. The logic of taxing carbon as a means of raising revenue and creating a disincentive […]

Bleak Friday – Tougher Monday

Severely normal Albertans should be a bit wary of government press releases on Fridays.  Governments usually make announcements of things they are less proud of on Fridays.  The hope is that any bad news will receive less coverage on the weekend.  Those announcements are called “taking out the trash”. In Canada’s climate change world, it is the energy […]

A Provincial Sales Tax – If not now – When?

Spoiler Alert: This blog post draws the inevitable conclusion that Alberta must adopt a provincial sales tax.  If you can’t stand hearing that… read no further. The Alberta government’s fiscal focus has been almost exclusively on deficit reduction.  The thesis was that Alberta has an expenditure problem.  The pitch said that if Alberta’s health and social expenditures mirrored […]