Disability and Cost Cutting

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” Helen Keller As Alberta’s fiscal situation worsens, the United Conservative Party (UCP) is searching the sofa cushions for loose change.  They have focused on a financial program for the disabled.   There are two welfare programs for people who have disabilities.  One is call ‘Barriers […]

Sadly, the budget glass is half empty

The United Conservative Party won the election with a promise to balance the budget in its first term.  In its first year, government spent about $58 billion and took in $46 billion – not an auspicious start!  Before the pandemic, it laid out a path to balance the budget. It forecast a 2020 deficit of $6.8 […]

Tighten up your chin straps

The Liberal government is preparing a new Speech from the Throne to lay out its go-forward plan. In an effort to “condition” the public a series of statements and leaks ‘on background’ have emerged in the run-up to the Speech.  The Prime Minister has mused about: “A road map for our government in coming years”  […]

Post-Pandemic Pandemonium

Well I lay my head on the railroad track – Waiting on the Double E But the train don’t run by here no more – Poor poor pitiful me. Warren Zevon The pandemic economic shock to the Canadian economy has been traumatic.  Canada’s and Alberta’s fiscal plans are in the ditch.   Previously, the Liberal government was […]