A First World’s Dog’s Life

The recent vexing issues that beset the province sometimes seem intractable. The restrictions and attacks on Alberta’s resource economy and the continuing worries about provincial debt are depressing. As are the troubles we have trying to get energy, wood, beef and grain to markets. It is all enough to make severely normal Albertans a bit cranky. 

Who can blame us if we take a pause and take some solace in a few feel-good First World stories?  And of course, stories about dogs are always a good option.

The Edmonton Humane Society found someone willing to adopt three Saint Bernard puppies. Apparently Gunther, Gasket and Goliath would be traumatized if separated; they must live in the same home. Someone, in fact a lot of people (200-ish), offered to take them as a pack.  Good news for the dogs – bad news for the owner’s doggie grocery bill. 

And there is general happiness when Mission BC’s Search and Rescue team rescued two St Bernard dogs from a cliff by repelling up and down very steep terrain. The dogs were trapped for two days and their howling had local residents taking to Facebook to plan an amateur rescue attempt.

Happily, the volunteers were called off when Mission Search and Rescue stepped in.  The head of the volunteer rescue unit said; “We had 18 members out. There were two rope teams working from the top and one climbing team working from the bottom.” 

The dogs were rescued, and no Facebook friends died.

Now this one next one is a bit weird!  Are you or your pet feeling anguish because Fido was neutered??  Well you can have Amazon ship Fido prosthetic testicles!  Apparently, you will be joining half a million pet-owners who shelled out $500 so Fido’s self-image can be restored.

Severely Normal Albertans might take a lesson out of all this. It appears ‘doggies in distress’ stories bring out the best in us.

Perhaps we should have a St Bernard as Alberta’s provincial mascot or re-name the TransMountain pipeline “Kenzie” after the Trudeau family’s pet.