Canada’s Birthday Party Postscripts

Turn out the lights – The party’s over- They say that all good things must end Call it a night -The party’s over And tomorrow starts the same old thing again WILLIE NELSON

Canada 150th Birthday Party is in the books now. Here are a few items that were either Severely Cool or ‘Only in Canada Eh’

We got off to a good start at Cape Spear when a boatload of 75 Newfies went out off Canada’s most easterly point to watch the sunrise on our birthday. The sun didn’t break through but there was lots of rain, mist, wind, high waves and cold!

Our Prime Minister had a rough day. First, his Prime Minister’s statement was completely uninspiring. It has been word-smithed to pap. Then he skipped a mention of Alberta in his speech. That set off a round of western separatist twitter talk.

And in the interest of security, loyal Canadians got to wait 5 hours to pass through the security checkpoints on the Parliament grounds.

For a couple of days, media coverage has focused on the tent that 50 or so aboriginal activists want to put up on Parliament Hill. It isn’t legal; so first the RMCP arrested a batch of them. But the PM’s office intervened and the tent was permitted. The activists said they were there to protest 150 years of injustice and intended peaceful prayers. Our PM dropped by the tent to say hello.  Once the crowds showed up and the dignitaries started speaking the praying stopped and the boos and chanting from the teepee started.

The day was retrieved because 25,000 people showed up determined to celebrate. And speaking of chants, at some point the crowd began to call “Peter, Peter” acknowledging the retirement of CBC’s Peter Mansbridge who was doing the play by play of the event.

Meanwhile 55 communities across Canada held citizenship ceremonies. Halifax welcomed 53 new Canadians from 21 different countries.

Vancouver’s Byrdie Funk was granted citizenship although she was a third generation Canadian. Apparently because she was born out of the country and didn’t fill in the right forms before she was 28 years old – we sent her a note saying she no longer belongs. But we sorted out and re-made her a Canadian.

Canada 150 caused radio stations to produce various versions of the top 150 Canadian songs. Most got it badly wrong. None were more offside than Sirius XM. They ranked Bryan Adam’s summer of 69 first! The Archies Sugar -Sugar came in at number 11 and Celine’s My Heart Will Go On only managed number 46.  Everyone knows that the real Canadian top song is Runnin Back to Saskatoon by the Guess Who.

Finally, Toronto’s celebration was marred by the appearance of a large, very large (as in 6 stories tall) – yellow rubber duckie. It cost taxpayers 120K and left many citizens struggling to understand the alignment with our Birthday Party.