A First World’s Dog’s Life

The recent vexing issues that beset the province sometimes seem intractable. The restrictions and attacks on Alberta’s resource economy and the continuing worries about provincial debt are depressing. As are the troubles we have trying to get energy, wood, beef and grain to markets. It is all enough to make severely normal Albertans a bit […]

The Quagmire deepens… Canada’s new Impact Assessment Act

What Problem are We Trying to Solve? In 2015 the Liberals campaigned on the idea that the existing NEB process was unfair to environmental and indigenous concerns. They also wanted a review process to reflect the climate change agenda. The Liberals claimed that the NEB had lost public confidence and that a modernized process will create […]

Apparently the First World has Picky Eaters

With a temporary lull in the battle between BC and the rest of Canada (except Quebec, of course). Severely Normal Albertans can turn their attention to food problems in the First World. It turns out that the Domino Pizza delivery “Live Pizza Tracker” doesn’t actually have GPS tracking so you can’t follow your pizza, turn by […]