10 Severely Normal Highlights from 2017

Looking back at the Severely Normal posts of 2017, a few blindingly obvious highlights stand out! The Good Alberta is slowly emerging from the difficult recession. The economy shrank by 6% in two years. There are some short-term reversals, but overall, the trends toward an improved economy are evident. We should remember too that we have been […]

Updates from Previous Posts

Not much good news in the updates of previous posts. So, if you’re having a good day that you don’t want spoiled ….. switch to a website with fuzzy kittens instead Line 3 Pipeline Alberta to Superior Wisconsin While approvals in Canada are in place and Premier Notley helped kick off construction last month … all […]

Same old, same old – Updates on previous posts

It don’t matter where you’ve been, the people try to do you in  -The Black Keys Beer Battles – Finance Minister Ceci decided to appeal the Agreement on Internal Trade ruling that the subsidy to Alberta’s small breweries violated the agreement. In his press release, he found time to take a swipe at the opposition […]