Eclipsed by The Donald


Apparently in the a liberal democracy you can be mean to the most powerful man on the planet – 140 characters at a time.

So here is what some otherwise loyal Americans had to say on Twitter:

AIDE: You need to wear eclipse glasses.
TRUMP: Did Obama wear them?
AIDE: Yes – it’s a safety issue.
TRUMP: Then it’s settled. No glasses.

Scientists: Don’t look straight at sun during eclipse.
Trump: Hold my glasses.

Dear Lord is it time to impeach? Give us a sign Blot out the sun!

Under Obama, zero eclipses. Under Trump, greatest eclipse in a hundred years. Booming eclipse glasses manufacturing sector.

Scientists agree that the eclipse is a natural event and not the result of human activity. Trump: “Jury out, more data needed!!”

Look forward to be disgusted by Trump taking credit for an eclipse obviously created by Obama’s economy.