First World- Taking it on the Chin Again


Quebecer Daniel MacDuff, no doubt emboldened by Mayor Coderre’s victory over that miserable Canadian pipeline, has decided to sue Sunwing Airlines. Sunwing advertised a “Champagne Service” and then served MacDuff a cheaper sparkling wine in… (wait for it) a plastic glass!!!  Well… no one trifles with MacDuff and the 1,600 others who suffered the same trauma and joined his class action suit against the classless Sunwing.


Winnipeg Schools have leaped in to shield younger children from the distress of seeing older classmates in scary Halloween costumes this year. Costumes like swords and scary masks are apparently unsettling some little darlings. So a ‘Tie and Scarf’ day will be organized instead. One parent (obviously out of touch with today norms) lamented that this was ‘uber-regulated”! He worried it was following on the path of new rules around Christmas concerts, and Valentine’s Day. Not to mention the protocol around inviting schoolmates to your birthday party.


Bride-to-be Samantha Hartley of Guelph and the Meilke –Hansen wedding of Moose Jaw are seeking corporate sponsorship for their weddings. The couples are looking for gifts in kind and cash to help with the expenses of their big event. Meilke is prepared to put a logo on his tux for the right sponsor. Perhaps the couples should expand their horizons a bit. Naming rights to their first born could fetch much more.

Taco Bell Meilke has a nice ring to it and will no doubt net him college tuition.


Toronto Parkdale residents are taking to the streets – well an online petition really…. to save a local restaurant. The Tibet Kitchen is the victim of a landlord who is raising rents in an area of Toronto that is in the midst of revitalization. Higher rents could mean the Mom and Pop restaurant will be replaced by some large chain. And the local City councillor doesn’t see anyway to intervene. So calls for rent controls for commercial premises have been sounded. Although it doesn’t seem that the petitioners are supportive of the idea of raising prices to cover the costs….


Having found no other meaningful motions to endorse the Toronto District School Board decided to one up everyone else on indigenous political correctness. It decided to do away with the title Chief from its organization chart. The board wants to get ahead of the curve before an Indian – Metis – Native – Aboriginal or Indigenous lobbyist feels that the word is culturally insensitive.


It also forestalls and complaints from police and fire leaders who are indignant that their titles have been culturally appropriated by coroners.

Now the board has been ridiculed by all manner of pundits, columnists and the twitter-verse pointing out that the idea was …..well dumb.

Just so you know… the definition of c—– is either a “A leader or ruler of a people or clan or the leader of an organization”. So now the School Board spends its time defending or backing up. Education of students will have to wait!