Halloween – Managing the Complexities

Remember when Halloween was simple? You would take your pillow case and gather up candy from the neighbours, trying not to be too disappointed when people dropped a popcorn ball in your loot bag or worse yet an apple.   

Of course there were obstacles to overcome!

  1. ditching your slowpoke younger brother
  2. wearing the ghost bedsheet costume that slowed you down
  3. getting caught going back to the same house twice because they gave out chocolate bars
  4. avoiding the big kids that threatened to take your candy
  5. dealing with that annoying house that opted for the ‘trick’ not the ‘treat’
  6. negotiating with your parents about how much candy you could eat on any one day
  7. gossiping the next day about who egged that mean teacher’s car

54% of Canadian houses have stopped giving out candy – what??? stickers? Playdoh?? skating passes??? Fortunately in Alberta the bastion of freedom from political correctness the number is 72%!

But it turn out that the bigger problem is cultural appropriation – you know were you take over and use some icon of another culture.

You need to be very careful not to wear the wrong headwear. So no feather bonnets, fezzes, rice hats or sombreros.


I think a toque is still OK but not with any logos that might irritate anyone. So that means no Oilers toques in Calgary.