In the First World – the Struggles are Real

The Swiss government, having run out of things to regulate, turned to that big issue of boiling live lobsters. The government wants you to stun them first before you cook them.

A married couple on a TV reality show made a joyous announcement of the impending birth of baby number 5. This causes uproar on social media because, of course – twitter knows 5 kids are too many!

This was further explained to us by a Toronto writer who pointed out bringing that many kids into the world is more than just a personal choice.  

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

Oh no….It affects the rest of us on the planet. The writer, along with Stephen Hawking, is worried about the logistics of moving 8 billion people to a new planet. Abandoning Earth may be necessary when climate change, plagues, or a collision with an asteroid makes life here untenable.

So the writer, as a feminist, concludes that population control trumps a family merrily making its own decisions about procreation. 

Meanwhile, the Chinese are dealing with how to manage their way out of the “one child” policy. This policy, along with urbanization, resulted in a decline in the birth rate from 6.3 births per woman to 1.7.

But here at home…

A blast of -30C weather caused first world consternation!

Imagine my confusion of mixed messages when my wife presented me with a brand new snow shovel on the coldest day of the year. And, the garage door opener pad on the side of my house froze up too.  

And … my chagrin to find that my satellite radio subscription had ended.

But worst of all… my gym is filled with sweaty New Year’s Resolution people.