Introducing Rick’s Blog

Hi Folks, I have been working on a blog to share my thoughts, analyses, opinions about Alberta and its politics and economy.

The name, Severely Normal Albertan comes from the 1990s consensus built by then Premier Klein from the big tent filled with everyday Albertans.  ‘Severely Normal Albertans’ are folks who would be happy to see evidence based common sense solutions. And maybe Severely Normal Albertans want governments with a touch of humility and dash of humour.

And most of all they want pragmatism in policy development – what a novel idea!

I hope you enjoy the posts, I invite you to hit the subscribe button.  I probably will have something topical about twice a week.


One thought on “Introducing Rick’s Blog

  1. Great to see your thoughts and advice, always with the right dash of wit and a smile, is available for Albertans to ponder and maybe – even help drive policy.
    Warmest regards, Dawna with an A