Nasty First World Problems Encountered

It has been a tough couple of weeks for the First World.

First, some guy in Manitoba bought a licence plate with the word ASIMIL8 on it.  He was a Trekie and was referencing Star Trek Next Generation Borgs who threatened to assimilate the Star Trek heroes.  Sadly, someone saw the plate and was offended because assimilation was a term associated with Indian Residential schools.  Twitter fingers were quickly engaged to report this horrid problem. The plate had to be retrieved.  And shortly after that a advocate for right wing ideas threatened to sue the Manitoba licensing people.

Next, someone complained on twitter that their toaster didn’t have a toast bagel feature

There the were the people in a swanky San Franciso residential area who had their street and parking sold off to a rather impudent and crafty pair of realtors.  Seems the residents had missed paying some back taxes and the city sold the roads out for under them.

And in Portland Oregon the school board changed the names of three schools for fear it would traumatize some of its students.  Apparently the Lynch family donated land for the three schools.  Lynch formed part of each school’s name. Since that word is connect to racial strive it had to go.  As we sanitize the all the offensive names we find… can Woodcock be next?

And finally, I have a cut on my iPad finger – every swipe is excruciating.

Maybe next week things will be better for the first world