Premier Notley The Bitumen Bubble 2.0

Spoiler Alert! This is a severely normal guess at what Premier Notley’s upcoming speech will say

Later today (December 2nd, 2018) Premier Notley will address Albertans to discuss the falling oil prices and her plan of action.

Here is a handy checklist so you can follow along

Differentials are Bad!

  • The differential is back – oil prices are falling bitumen and now conventional oil
  • Bleak news for provincial economy
  • The winter drilling season is in peril
  • The rest of Canada will feel it too!

The Imperfect Storm!

  • Pipeline capacity is full
  • Current rail capacity is full
  • Oil storage is full
  • US refineries taking Alberta production were shut down for maintenance
  • New projects like Fort Hills added more production
  • Alberta’s newest refinery Redwater is delayed.

Finger Pointing!

  • Decades of federal failures to get a pipeline to the coast
  • TransMountain is blockaded
  • Liberal government’s inaction.
  • Irresponsible environmental activists and Indigenous leaders PROBABLY NOT

The Crisis Plan!

  • Reluctantly we must curtail Oilsands production by 5 to 10%  This is the big News! 
  • (and maybe a passing mention that UCP and Alberta Party agree; but industry is divided)
  • Carbon tax policy modifications
  • Buy rail cars and locomotives.
  • Re-work the provincial budget PROBABLY NOT

Towards a Brighter Future!

  • TransMountain might be built by 2025
  • Line 3 and Keystone will be completed
  • Alberta will be prosperous again
  • All of Canada will benefit.

Fade to Black