Post-Pandemic Pandemonium

Well I lay my head on the railroad track – Waiting on the Double E But the train don’t run by here no more – Poor poor pitiful me. Warren Zevon The pandemic economic shock to the Canadian economy has been traumatic.  Canada’s and Alberta’s fiscal plans are in the ditch.   Previously, the Liberal government was […]

Premier Notley The Bitumen Bubble 2.0

Spoiler Alert! This is a severely normal guess at what Premier Notley’s upcoming speech will say Later today (December 2nd, 2018) Premier Notley will address Albertans to discuss the falling oil prices and her plan of action. Here is a handy checklist so you can follow along Differentials are Bad! The differential is back – oil […]

Mind the Fiscal Gap

The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) looks at future trends of government revenue and the implications of budget decisions.  This office stands in the ‘Crow’s nest’ and watches for rocks and rough water ahead, while the federal Auditor General looks back at the wake of our “Ship of State”.  In a recent report, the PBO estimated […]

Just in time for Thanksgiving – Minimum Wage Increases

“Thanksgiving: Bringing out the best in family dysfunction since 1863.” Unknown Back in 2015, the newly elected NDP government began raising the minimum wage rapidly. When it started, in the midst of a once in a generation recession, Alberta’s rate was the lowest in Canada.  This October 1st, after a series on annual increases – it is the […]

Alberta 2017 – not quite the year we hoped for

Alberta’s exit from the recession has been slow and lumpy.  A bit of movement forward and then a slide backward now and then.  The return to growth has not been led by strong resource sector growth. Low oil prices overall, particularly low bitumen prices along with weak natural gas prices, has made wages, jobs and […]