Alberta’s Christmas List

Before Amazon and the internet, the Sears Wishbook was the catalogue many Canadians browsed about this time of year.  It had all manner of toys, clothes and marvelous gifts for Christmas. As children, the Premier and Finance Minister Travis Toews must have studied the Wishbook. And they found it an inspiration to send off a list […]

Going to the Mattresses

To prepare for a lengthy war between mafia families by housing their soldiers in small, secure apartments. In front of a friendly, conservative crowd in Red Deer, Premier Kenney set out his list of grievances with federal energy policy, outlined the Alberta government’s resistance and announced further actions to combat the federal government’s attack on the […]

Premier Notley The Bitumen Bubble 2.0

Spoiler Alert! This is a severely normal guess at what Premier Notley’s upcoming speech will say Later today (December 2nd, 2018) Premier Notley will address Albertans to discuss the falling oil prices and her plan of action. Here is a handy checklist so you can follow along Differentials are Bad! The differential is back – oil […]

Cannabis by the numbers

You know the dealer, the dealer is a man – with the love grass in his hand 1968, Hoyt Axton sung by Steppenwolf So, as you stand in line at your local cannabis outlet (weed store or dealer). Here are a few numbers to mull over. Statistics Canada has been busy trying to estimate the market […]

TransMountain Wreck

By now all Severely Normal Albertans (not living under rocks) have heard of the TransMountain wreck. Three judges from the BC Federal Court of Appeal put their heads together and found a couple of reasons to quash the approved pipeline. Nobody from any side of the debate saw that coming!  Based on the evidence, the project […]

In the Year 2046

The Alberta government released its latest forecast for population growth out to 2046. The forecast is that the Alberta population will grow by another 2.1 million people in the next 28 years.  By comparison Alberta’s population in 1990 was 2.5 million and we gained 1.8 million to reach 4.3 today.  So, it would seem that […]