The Inevitable is Arriving Sooner than Expected

The global shift to a lower carbon future is occurring more quickly as the pandemic and government policies take hold.  These factors demand a more rapid and different energy transition. Are industry and government nimble enough to make the necessary adjustments without further reducing the Alberta economy? The pandemic cratered energy demand globally. The International Energy […]

Alberta from Mars – Canada from Venus

“Oil is dead,” pronounced Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. “Oil is never coming back,” says Bloc Leader Yves-François Blanchet.  Their extremist statements are wrong and misinformed. But they demonstrate how the anti-energy narrative plays in parts of Canada.  It seems many Canadians have come to loathe the oilsands!  Over the past 5 years, the unrelenting war by the […]

Canada’s Brat or Economic Engine

It is about 150 days since the federal election that demonstrated that Western Canada’s resource sectors mattered far less than climate change and mudslinging politics. Immediately after the election, frustration and resentment in Saskatchewan and Alberta boiled over and fresh calls for ‘fair treatment’…. or else…. ‘Wexit’! (western separatism) might become much more fashionable. Alberta’s […]

Dear Rest of Canada

Hi Rest of Canada, just thought I would drop you a quick note.  I guess you were taken by surprise that the Prairies are so upset with the Liberal Party during the recent election.  We voters are all lamenting the campaign focused on ugly and mostly irrelevant personal attacks on the leaders.  It was unfortunate that the […]

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The deepening worries about climate change will be an important theme in the upcoming federal election.  Each of the parties have staked out their positions and market them to the public; often distorting their opponents’ plans.  One the one hand the Liberal and Conservative plans don’t seem to meet Canada’s international commitments for GHG reductions. And the […]

The Quagmire deepens… Canada’s new Impact Assessment Act

What Problem are We Trying to Solve? In 2015 the Liberals campaigned on the idea that the existing NEB process was unfair to environmental and indigenous concerns. They also wanted a review process to reflect the climate change agenda. The Liberals claimed that the NEB had lost public confidence and that a modernized process will create […]