The Other Epidemic

By mid November, the COVID-19 pandemic is linked to nearly 450 deaths in Alberta and 10,000 deaths nationwide. Meanwhile just out of sight of most Albertans, the opioid epidemic continues to take its toll.   Since 2016, in Canada, opioid accidental deaths are approaching 20,000.  The Alberta death toll to date is 3,550.  Fentanyl is the main culprit, linked […]

The opioid problem is here to stay

A crisis usually connotes an emergency, a quick response, and ideally, a quick resolution. It is difficult to sustain public interest when a “crisis” continues year after year.  The opioid crisis is driven by fentanyl and carfentanyl, highly addictive and toxic synthetic opium type street drugs. Since January 2016 to mid 2018, 8,000 Canadians have […]