The Inevitable is Arriving Sooner than Expected

The global shift to a lower carbon future is occurring more quickly as the pandemic and government policies take hold.  These factors demand a more rapid and different energy transition. Are industry and government nimble enough to make the necessary adjustments without further reducing the Alberta economy? The pandemic cratered energy demand globally. The International Energy […]

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The deepening worries about climate change will be an important theme in the upcoming federal election.  Each of the parties have staked out their positions and market them to the public; often distorting their opponents’ plans.  One the one hand the Liberal and Conservative plans don’t seem to meet Canada’s international commitments for GHG reductions. And the […]

A War without Winners

The Alberta government has set aside $30 million to fund a “war room” to fight real and perceived distortions of facts about Alberta oilsands.  And they also plan to investigate sources of financing of various NGOs that opposed ‘Tarsands’ and pipelines.   For a decade or so, to fight climate change, US and Canadian NGOs worked to […]

Global Warming and Sweating Canada’s Challenge

Severely Normal Albertans are hearing a lot about climate change these days. The debate  ranges from “We are all gonna die” to “Don’t worry it’s a hoax”.  And we have managed to distract ourselves from the larger problem by fussing about whether carbon taxes are an effective implementation measure or just a sneaky tax grab. […]

Low Oil Pressure – High Blood Pressure

The definition of a perfect mess is when everyone is suitably unhappy. Well, we have made it! Canadians’ discussions about oil have achieved that equilibrium! A new set of National Energy Board hearings got underway in Burnaby to select the route of the Kinder Morgan pipeline through that City.  The 35 km segment of the […]