The First World’s Sense of Smell

It was a tough week for Alberta’s First World nose –  first some sniffles and then wrinkled noses from bad smells for the past.

Alberta’s small craft brewers were cheered up with the news that Minister Ceci was going to appeal a trade ruling so he could give them money (and put a resounding end to Alberta’s reputation as an advocate of free trade). But drat…. then a really bad thing happened! Corb Lund, Alberta foremost singing cowboy….. well…. he drinks Budweiser…. and ….. well now he sings about it! That stinks doesn’t it?

Canada picked up a bad sinus problem called of “me too-ism”! On CNN we watched as statues honouring the US Civil War’s losing generals are being removed… and well… We got a fever to solve historical Canadian injustices too!

Led by our Prime Minister who renamed his offices’ from the Langevin Block because its namesake (whatever his virtues) had proposed Indian residential schools.

The union for Ontario’s elementary teachers approved a motion to eliminate Sir John A. MacDonald’s name from schools. He advocated for indigenous residential schools back in the 1870’s. The teachers thought his role as Canada’s first PM, his vision to build a nation and his skills managing a bunch of wild ass colonies doesn’t mitigate the trauma future grade one-era might feel from seeing his name on a school.

Some students at Ryerson University want to get rid of its founder’s name for mostly the same reason. He founded the first teacher college but never mind that!

Alberta caught the fever too. Former Mayor Frank Oliver apparently advocated for ideas that caused a a fever among some of his apparent moral weakness. About 100 activists gathered on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon to express their feelings and soak up some late August rays.

Oliver School courtesy EPS


No word out of Calgary yet about a petition to rename Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport considering the economic devastation he willing caused with the National Energy Program.