The Naming Game

The First World is having a rough time with names this week

Lorne Grabher had his Nova Scotia licence plate revoked. Someone complained that his personalized plate with his last name was offensive.

Photo Courtesy CBC News

He owned the plate for 27 years. But he must have been spotted by someone who was hyper-sensitive. Anyway, now Lorne is offended!  So he is taking this up with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. Lorne argues that  “government-regulated” place names including Dildo, Crotch Lake and Swastika Ontario seem to be OK – so what gives?

The Nakoda Indians got fed up with a bunch of English and Cree names for places in Southern Alberta and filed an application to change some place names to Nakoda traditional names. Their hope is the name changes will promote respect for their culture and history.

They think Calgary could be better off with the name ‘Wichispa Oyade’. But they could be wrong about that.

And they aren’t fond of being called Stoney anymore either. They got that name from the Europeans who saw them heating stones and using the stones to boil water. So Ixnay on the Stoney! They are Nakoda.

The Edmonton Eskimos ran into a little trouble when the Mayor of Winnipeg thought their name was offensive. And Edmonton’s Mayor said the name should change too – for fear of an outbreak of “charged conversation” at the Grey Cup in Edmonton next year.

Well, didn’t that set of a twitter storm!! Some thought the name didn’t offend anyone. Others thought the Blue Bombers name promoted violence. One guy thought it was a ploy to knock the Eskies off their game.

Not all football fans are versed in the nuances of political correctness –  Many thought the Mayors ought to….. you get the picture

And naming your child in Alberta needs some work

The Alberta parents who last year named their kids Blue-Eagle, HarleyQuinn, Heavenjot, Joearth, Justinjot, Morningstar, Notorious-Link, Riversong, Sailor-Arthur, ScarLet and Zyron-Thunder should start working on an apology for their offspring!

For the past 12 years on of the most popular names for Alberta baby boys is Liam. So that is basically an Irish misspelling of William. Isn’t it time to give the name a rest? And please – how about giving Emma a break for a baby girl’s name? It made the list for 16 straight years. Maybe its time for Gertrude to make a come-back.