The Pipeline to the West Coast – Showdown Continues

In a coincidence that only politicians can manage….

Premier Notley got her shovel and hard hat and helped Enbridge celebrate the kick off for construction of Line 3 pipeline.  Me


Meanwhile, on the other side of the hills, British Columbia Premier Horgan’s Environment Minister was holding a press conference in Vancouver detailing the various sticks BC plans to put in the Kinder Morgan bicycle spokes. BC will join a group of Indian Bands in their Federal Court of Appeal challenge of the federal and BC provincial approvals of the project.  And they announced that 5 of 8 management plans were not approved because they failed to adequately consult indigenous people.  BC Ministers did note that they could not use regulatory approvals as a roadblock because they would risk huge lawsuits.


A careful review of the two photos reveals that the Alberta Premier has a hard hat and a shovel