Midsummer Night’s Dream – Council of the Federation meeting Premiers’ meet

Most Of The Successful People I’ve Known Are The Ones Who Do More Listening Than Talking.” – Bernard Baruch

The Premiers finished up two days of discussions in Edmonton. In the course of the two days they cover 19 topics. Using my decoder wheel as a veteran of these “fed, prov territorial confabs here is what they concluded:

  1. Provinces will continue to work with USA state counterparts of trade.

  2. Feds should announce Canada trade priorities

  3. Canada should get very aggressive about the unfair US action on softwood lumber

  4. Provinces want to be in the room when Canada works on a free trade agreement with China

  5. The feds should avoid tinkering with the environmental agencies that add bureaucracy

  6. The provinces patted themselves on the back about the Canadian Energy strategy

  7. The feds should speed up and improve climate related disaster assistance

  8. The feds should work harder on northern communities infrastructure

  9. Provinces like the federal funding for infrastructure but a wary of the Infrastructure Bank upsetting the decision making role of provinces

  10. The provinces like the new labor market (jobs and training) funding

  11. The feds to watch their step and continue co-operative federalism (don’t be tempted to run off unilaterally)

  12. More judges are needed to avoid cases getting thrown out because of delays

  13. Provinces fired a warning over the federal bow about getting the Cannabis regs in place (If you don’t get it right we are going to insist on a delay)

  14. Beef up the RCMP resources to deal with opioids

  15. Canada drug prices are high compared to other countries and a pharma-care program is needed

  16. Provinces will work together to maximize purchasing power for medical equipment

  17. Clean up the failing Nutrition North Program

  18. Reduce wait times for refugees and fund legal aid for refugees

  19. focus the National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women on communities and family concerns not legal issues.

And not a word about the boycott by 3 indigenous leaders, apparently they were not missed that much!

All this might sound a bit boring to the severely normal Albertan but these meetings help improve collaboration between the provinces.  It also gives province and territories a way to announce their priorities to the federal government.  This year there wasn’t too much “fed bashing” although there were some pointed messages.

2 thoughts on “Midsummer Night’s Dream – Council of the Federation meeting Premiers’ meet

  1. Thank you, Rick! I look forward to reading more of your posts. I especially like #18. Terry and I have enjoyed the gracious hospitality of the two Syrian refugee families sponsored by St. James Cathedral and our community here in Peace River. Their friendship is enriching our lives. They have many challenges and experience great sorrow over missing family and friends (the death of a mother back in Syria, etc.). These emotions are contrasted with their immense gratitude for their new life and friends in Canada. Kudos to our provincial and federal government for their compassion and work in making this kind of sponsorship possible.

  2. No comment on the unemployed oil field workers, In the patch there are already signs of a labour shortage, not skilled labour shortage, unskilled as well. Both levels of government could help by incressing incentaves to deal with the back log of well abandments, putting some iron to work and creating a stable job prospect, bringing a few experienced workers.