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Line 3 Pipeline Alberta to Superior Wisconsin

While approvals in Canada are in place and Premier Notley helped kick off construction last month … all is not bitumen and diluent.  The Minnesota part of the line isn’t approved and public hearings are underway by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.  This has brought out the anti-pipeline folks.  A raucous meeting in Duluth ended early when some in the audience set up a chant that drowned out presenters.  And in St Cloud, a meeting at the convention centre was postponed because the center was worried pipeline protesters would disrupt the other events in the venue.

Energy East Pipeline Alberta to the Atlantic Ocean 


Mayor Denis Coderre of Montreal – self proclaimed ‘leader of the resistance’ to Energy East was defeated in a municipal election in Montreal.

Some ‘Alligator Tears’ are shed in Alberta –  Coderre’s personality was very easy to dislike and he did so well at showing off Eastern Canada’s hypocrisy about oilsands.

Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain Pipeline – Alberta and Saskatchewan to West Coast

  • TransMountain has advised that the inservice date will slip by 9 months into 2020
  • They have gone to the National Energy Board to complain that City of Burnaby is inappropriately withholding municipal permits.  The NEB will meet November 29th to Dec 4th to figure it out.
  • The Burnaby Mayor was “outraged” by Kinder Morgan’s action.
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan have joined the lawsuit in support of TransMountain and, the BC government has joined the Burnaby team.
  • Newly minted NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has come out against the pipeline too.
  • Premier Notley is headed off on a charm offensive to Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa to address the value of the pipeline head on.  I assume she plans some one on ones with her NDP sisters and brethren
  • And there is the lawsuit brought by the environmental and indigenous lobby groups that is in front of the Federal Appeals Court.

LNG on Canada’s West Coast –

  • CNOOC (through it subsidiary Nexen) the Chinese state owned company canceled its proposed Aurora Liquified Natural Gas project at Prince Rupert
  • Once upon a time there were 20 LNG project proposed. One small project is under construction.
  • If the pending projects still on life support didn’t have enough trouble – the federal government plans to slap a 45% tariff on fabricated metal components from offshore.

Health Care in Alberta

  • The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) forecasts total health spending in Alberta to reach $7,300 per person in 2017. The average for Canada is $6,600. That makes us number 2 behind Newfoundland on a per capita basis.
  • Hospitals, doctors and drugs make up the biggest costs.
  • In Alberta we have 240 doctors per 100,000 people. Payments to doctors were about $3.4 billion, up 9% year over year

NAFTA –  It Got Ugly Alright

The US Commerce department decided that Canadian products were being subsidized by government and a the long drawn out timber war boiled over again.  a 20% tariff was slapped on imports to the US.

  • Meanwhile negotiations of the NAFTA agreement ground to a halt. All three sides went back to their respective corners to be toweled off for the next round.
  • The US showed up at the bargaining table with brass knuckles:  “OK Canada – no more supply management for dairy, more auto parts made in USA, a five year sunset clause and let’s have the US courts resolve disputes”!
  • Then the US president said, “well maybe we should do a deal without Mexico.”
  • Ex-Prime Minister Harper got into the act with a letter that said in effect, Canada needed to put on its big boy pants and drop some of the non starter demands to the USA.


This isn’t a trade war yet but Canada is an easier target to beat up on than, say China.