About the Blog

This blog contains posts about current issues and topics in Alberta

This blog is mostly analyses and opinions about Alberta today; its economy, politics and public issues that are important to the province.

I am a veteran of the Alberta public service, and a political agnostic.   I have learned there are many ways to achieve desired public policy outcomes.

But we in Alberta get a bit fixated on political ideologies.  Today Alberta politics is about to become more polarized.  The lens of the ‘left’ and ‘right’ can distort common sense solutions.

This blog is about understanding issues from a middle of the road perspective – (which in Alberta is a bit right of center on fiscal issues and up the middle on social issues). Thus the name, Severely Normal Albertan.  In the 1990s Ralph Klein used the term to represent the big tent that represented the consensus he was able to build.  ‘Severely Normal Albertans’ are folks who would be happy to see evidence based common sense solutions. And maybe they want government with a touch of humility and dash of humour.  And pragmatism in policy development what a novel idea!