Who killed Pacific NorthWest LNG Project?

On July 25th Pacific NorthWest LNG (Petronas) announced they were not proceeding with a $36 billion dollar Liquefied Natural Gas project on the British Columbia coast.  They cited low prices and market shifts as the reason. The project if built would have used natural gas from the the BC interior and Alberta

Shortly after the announcement Sergeant Renfrew of the mounties was called to the Petronas offices to examine the body of Pacific Northwest LNG.  There were no signs of life in the body of the seven year old project.

“Not another one’’exclaimed the Sergeant Renfrew.  “This looks like a serial killing to me.  Round up the usual suspects!!”

Suspect Number One Miss Fallon Price  

Sergeant Renfrew: Did you kill the project?

Fallon Price replied:


Sergeant Renfrew:  Looks pretty suspicious to me!

Fallon Price:   It not me it oversupply.  What about Qatar? They have plans to double gas production from the cheapest gas field in the world. And what about the Americans? They are building seven projects and have four more waiting in the wings!  

Sergeant Renfrew: Throw her in the cooler until we figure this out!

Fallon Price: No you can’t!  I am wanted for questioning in the death of projects in Prince Rupert, Oregon and Australia.

Suspect Number Two. Hy Cost

Sergeant Renfrew: Did you kill the project?

Hy Cost: It is expensive to build pipelines from gas fields to the coast.  About $7 billion for every pipeline, very rugged terrain. Just ask the NEB. They said “Disadvantages facing Canadian projects include high costs to develop projects in remote locations with limited infrastructure, and, where the construction of new pipelines is required to supply the necessary gas.”   

Sergeant Renfrew: Throw him in the cooler until we figure this out!

Suspect Number Three Guy Regulator

Sergeant Renfrew: Did you kill the project?

Guy Regulator: Oh no not me, I am Canadian!  It must have been market forces.

Sergeant Renfrew: When was the project started? 

Guy Regulator:  2013 was the first filing and 2017 was the last approval.

Sergeant Renfrew: that is 4.5 years does it always take that long?

Guy Regulator: – Examining projects is a growth industry. This one is complicated! There are First Nations that must be consulted and benefit agreements to sign.   Environmentalists don’t like the project because of a huge carbon footprint. And we are building it through wilderness and lots of ecosystems. And we just has an election in BC

Sergeant Renfrew (dejectedly): Sadly we must let them all go! They are all culprits but Canadians will never know who exactly killed Pacific NorthWest LNG.  I know they will kill again!


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